Adolfrantsparodies was an American Second-generation Unterganger. He first started under this name in July 2013 but made his debut earlier on April 21st, 2013.


He is a male from NJ in America. Due to income shortage, Adolfrantsparodies could only edit with Windows Live Movie Maker. His parodies do have a small screen whilst the styles used are usually traditional and modified traditional with some FX.

Adolfrantsparodies is famous for putting up parodies about getting cheated by Gamestop. Oddly enough, these are true stories. The one time he did buy an Xbox 360, it got the red ring of death. Adolfrantsparodies is a retro game collector. Now he is looking to buy an Nintendo 64. His current consoles include the PS1, PS2, PS3, Intellevision, and the Sega Genesis. He is considered one of the last Second Generation Untergangers. As of August 2019, it can be safely assumed that he has retired from Unterganging due to the last known video being uploaded on October 8th, 2013.

Retirement and Ex-communication

Adolfrantsparodies had a few subscribers, but had not uploaded at all. He has liked about 3 videos since being ex-communicated. He was banned from the Untergangers Chat for discussion of forbidden and taboo topics and has been mocked in the World of Text for his vandalism. However, he has occasionally posted messages on the World of Text asking to be unbanned, which appears to have stopped now and recently posted a comment on a wiki article in defense of himself, attempting to deny a few of his controversial statements. He now has his own wiki based on his favorite band, Mindless Self Indulgence.

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