AdolfTallentDay01 is a Canadian Unterganger who is a fan of the show Star Trek and the band Billy Talent.


ATD often makes parodies that includes footage from Star Trek as a part of his "Star Reich" parodies. Some of his early parodies included audio clips from Billy Talent songs.

Retirement & Withdrawal from the Community

On Sept. 20th, 2014, ATD announced via the chat that he is not interested in making parodies anymore. He says that he'll probably not make any parodies for a good amount of time. Whether this probably means that he is retired.

On October 5, 2014, he caused controversy on the Untergangers Chat, which has caused a lot of distrust in the otherwise tight-knit community, which resulted in having him revoked of his moderator privileges and banned for 3 days. 10 days later, he bid farewell to the community, claiming that they disrespected him during his ban, and killed off the name AdolfTallentDay01. Currently, his only connection to the community is nhlfan40 being a featured channel on his overhauled channel now solely dedicated to Billy Talent, having set all of his parodies to "Unlisted" to try and forget the community.

Brief Return

On January 31, 2015, ATD announced in a video that he would return to making new parodies and bringing back his old parodies, though he would not make as much due to the fact that his main focus will be on other things.

However, despite the fact that his last video is titled "Hitler informs Günsche that ATD has not abandoned the Downfall community", he told CanaDolfy98 via a private message that he will probably won't make anymore parodies due to other commitments. This most likely means that he has retired.


  • He was a mod in the Untergangers Chat for a week.
  • ATD was in a relationship with Hansi Krebs, though their relationship status is unknown at the moment.
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