AT88TV is an Unterganger from the United Kingdom. He joined YouTube in 2011, and made his first parody in 2012. He also creates TTS videos.

First footings

AT88TV started on August 13, 2011 and was meant to be a tech review channel, however, he started following the Text-To-Speech Community and the Unterganging community. He made a video and it got 400 views and it was then he was introduced to people like Thunderbirds101 and Pieboy6000, two people who would later have close friendships with AT88TV.

The popularity growth.

Since uploading his first TTS video in December 2011, AT88TV's popularity started to steadily grow, reaching 100 subscribers in March 2012. He then hit 200 on the 19th of May, 2012, and since then, he hit 300 subscribers in July 2012. His current subscriber count is 436.


AT88TV announced he would start to create Hitler parodies on the same day he hit 300 subscribers. He has uploaded parodies whenever he can, and he will continue to upload. He then announced that the channel would change from having 6 videos styles to 3 (TTS, unterganging and Gameplays, which will be coming soon), to not only save time but to keep the fanbase happy.


AT88TV was an active member of the Unterganging Community, experimenting with different styles of parody, but he was traditional parody creator. However, he has not uploaded any Downfall parodies since late 2012 although he still actively produces gaming videos.

At present he is implied to have retired, since he has moved on to continue making text-to-speech comedy videos and gaming videos.

In November 2016, he closed his channel.

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