5 Tips with Adolf Hitler - Girls

5 Tips with Adolf Hitler - Girls

The very first 5-tips parody

5 Tips with Adolf Hitler How to make a good downfall parody

5 Tips with Adolf Hitler How to make a good downfall parody

by Ako675

5 Tips With Adolf Hitler is a parody series introduced by FinalFantasyHQ. The first ever 5 tips parody was titled Key to a girl's heart, uploaded on 8 August 2011. The idea was then picked up by many other untergangers. Surprisingly, almost all 5 Tips parodies is identical in composition, with only different subtitles.

Among the subjects that Hitler has given his 5 tips is:

FinalFantasyHQ creates by far the most 5 tips parodies, but others such as smelloftheice, NeinTails95NL, DictatorAntics , notoriousrob01, chucknorrisismypal, tmaclp, Ako675,L33TH3R34P3R, KnightTemplar1922, The1Bunker1Team, smoglessbutton4, TheDownfallWars and PiretBCN had also made their own.


The typical composition of a 5 tips parody is as follows:

The title of the parody zooms in, set as white over black. In the background is Hitler ranting the "fuck that high, all-star Reichstag Himmler!" mondegreen.
Tip 1
Hitler's rant right after Jodl objected.
Tip 2
Hitler after being informed by Günsche.
Tip 3
Hitler planning. Hitler gives an example of Goebbels doing it wrong.
Tip 4
Hitler ranting after been informed by Bormann.
Tip 5
Do not involve Fegelein!
Special Fegeltip
Fegelein gives his tip. Hitler then question's Fegelein's tip, and Fegelein gives his answer.

The Special Fegeltip wasn't included when the first "5 tips" video was released until sometime later.

Scenes used: Hitler is informed scene, Hitler Planning Scene, Goebbels Rants Scene, Göring's betrayal scene.

Variations and spinoffs

Variations of the series composition are rare, though mfaizsyahmi made some Detective Conan-themed 5 tips, with the title intro done in the anime's style and a background soundtrack.

chucknorrisismypal made a spinoff of the 5 tips without Hitler, with the other characters like Jodl and Krebs giving advices, such as how to enrage the Fuhrer.

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