The First Lieutenant (abbreviated as 1WO, in short for "1st Warrant Officer") was the second-in-command aboard U-96, second in command to Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock. He was also notable for being the only person in the crew who actively supported the Nazi Party.

U-Boat Parodies

So far, the 1WO had only made appearances in a few parodies. However, the fact that Das Boot contains multiple scenes of him informing Willenbrock has made him the parodies answer to Otto Günsche.


  • A running gag in Das Boot involves the crew members of U-96 pissing off the 1WO in any way they can, from locking him into the bathroom to calling him "Our Junior Hitler Youth Leader".
  • By the end of the film, he's the only main character who's not sporting a beard. 
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