1979Onetime (currently known as 1979Onetime Downfall Parodies on Facebook) is an American Unterganger who joined YouTube on 26 February 2010.

His first two videos are not Downfall parodies and each have under 100 views. Two years later, he began making Downfall parodies with traditional styles and by now he has 223 videos (220 parodies), 206 subscribers and 106,387 views. Only three videos from his channel are not Downfall parodies and together they barely have 200 views.

He also used other Hitlers such as The Producers Hitler in Hitler appears on "Dancing With The Stars".

Account history

  • 1st account
  • 2nd Account
    • 24 May 2013: Returned under the name "MMA Hitler", with 13 videos (8 parodies) and 15 subscribers.
    • 2013: At some point in time, he changed his name from "MMA Hitler" to "Bruno Ganz".
    • Late 2013/early 2014: His channel was closed, after it received strikes from UFC, ZUFFA and LLC.
  • 3rd account
    • 2014: Returned as NotAnotherHitlerVid , then changed his name to 1979Onetime Downfall Parodies. That channel was later deserted.
  • 4th account
    • A new channel by the same name was created. Since then, he uploads a parody everyday and now has over 200 subscribers.
    • December 2, 2014: Onetime closed his current Youtube channel due to personal reasons.
  • January 23, 2015: He quietly resumes making UFC-related parodies on Facebook under the name "MMA Hitler Memes".
  • April 1, 2015: He posts a parody on Google+, saying that he may make a comeback as Onetime, though it is an April Fool's joke, according to him.
  • April 28, 2015: Facebook inexplicably closes the original "MMA Hitler Memes" group, and he opens another group with the same name.
  • 5th account
    • April 30, 2015: He opens another YouTube channel under the name 1979Onetime Downfall Parodies, saying: "I won't be making them as often as I used to but I will make some".
    • June 28, 2015: He closes his YouTube account, and decides to upload videos exclusively on his Facebook page, stating:
"I'm exclusively on Facebook now. Youtube is played out. Facebook has the same features as YT and it's better. There's no dislike button on FB, it tells me who exactly likes my videos, it tells me who shared my videos...etc. When I upload UFC videos they don't get blocked by FB. Youtube automatically blocks any UFC or copyrighted videos worldwide."

In 2016, his MMA Hitler Memes page is deleted.


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