“We're rats, on a sinking ship.”
Burgdorf on being in 0REDMONKEYSTUDIOS0's parodies

0REDMONKEYSTUDIOS0 was an English Unterganger from Birmingham who joined YouTube on 14 March 2010 and has produced over 80 Downfall parodies and gained over 110 subscribers as of October 2012. Although never a prominent figure in the Unterganging community, he has mild success with his channel, receiving over 1000 views on various occasions. By October 2012, this had diminished to little over 20 views. His video Hitler Is Interrogated By Cole Phelps, which managed to gain over 50,000 views, however is one of life's greatest mysteries. He is a founding member of BurgdorfVEVO, a joint channel showcasing various musical parodies by various Untergangers.

WonkyTonkBotty and Robert Tolhurst (formerly Evilrobottolhurst) are his favourite Untergangers.


On 25 January 2013 he announced his retirement and thanked everyone. His channel cannot be found, so it's assumed that he suicided his channel as well.

List Of Parodies

  • Hitler is informed PSN is still down
  • Hitler listens to friday
  • Hitler plans to kill Indiana Jones
  • Hitler plans to kill The Joker
  • Fegelein is executed for 3 minutes while I play unfitting music (Not an official parody)
  • Hitler is informed Fegelein has stolen the World's colour
  • Hitler is interrogated by Cole Phelps
  • Hitler shouts Fegelein for 3 minutes (Not an official parody)
  • Hitler goes on holiday
  • Hogl's antic gun
  • Hitler plans to change his middle name to uber cool
  • Hitler reviews LA Noire
  • Hitler is informed he's in a parody
  • The Joker phones Hitler
  • Reservoir Reich trailer(There was going to be a mini-film but it was cancelled)
  • Hitler reacts to accusations he ordered sex dolls
  • Hitler phones the movie store
  • Hitler Gets Mexican'd
  • Agravation-Inception rant parody
  • Hitler interviews Charlie Sheen
  • Hitler is informed Fegelein is playing loud music
  • Hitler is informed he is blind
  • Hitler tries to kill The Joker again
  • Hitler is informed he is a pirate
  • Hitler is informed Burgdorf is up for an award
  • New outro? re-upload (outro)
  • Hitler is informed Gunshe is Rorschach
  • Hitler And Friends Are Trapped In A Fegel-Dumpster
  • Hitler Likes The Moon
  • Hitler Is Informed Manchester United Lost 6-1 To Manchester City
  • Hitler Is Informed Burgdorf Has Left To Persue His Musical Career

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