The "Create a picture!" contest was a contest created by JennieParker87 in August 2013.


People made a video using modified "secret" pictures of Hitler, originally taken by photographer Heinrich Hoffmann.

The pictures could be changed in basically any way; Hitler's appearance, his location... anything could be modified. Objects could be added to the pictures, to make it look as if Hitler was holding an animal, a plate of food, or whatever the contestant wanted.


  1. Make a video with some of Hitler's secret pictures (more than one hopefully); add objects, change his appearance, do what you want with the pictures, be creative! :) You can also change the background if you like. Basically total freedom. You may also add more people into the picture, but try to avoid highly offensive material.
  2. Add some sort of music to the video if possible, can be any song you want.
  3. Make the video "unlisted" and send me the link in a private message. Or, just upload it like usual and send me a link (or make a video response).

Winner selection

JennieParker87 asked two people she knows, from outside the meme (called Linn and Tina), to be the judges in the contest. The reason for this, was that JennieParker87 wanted the winner selection to be objective (she is friends with some of the contestants). The judges made a top ten list of the entries. This took place after the 7th of September, when the contest closed. The top ten entries, were presented in a result video, which was uploaded by JennieParker87 on her channel on the 9th of September 2013. The result video was narrated by Benad361 and JennieParker87.

The entries were judged based on creativity and originality.

Top Ten Entries

Place Name Entry
1 DictatorAntics Entry for 'Hitler Picture Contest' from JennieParker
2 Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler's secret pictures
3 Deficere2 My Entry for JennieParker87's Contest!
4 Mackychloe Hitler's flashback. (parody for JennieParker87's contest)
5 Subtitlecomedy Fun Moments with Hitler
6 Kumichi58 Funny pics of Hitler (entry for jennieparker87's contest)
7 SantaofLaughs Entry For Secret Pictures Contest
8 MabusParodies Funny pictures of Hitler - for Jennieparker87's contest
9 Samonthelamb Jennyparker contest entry
10 Gabrielle Flür - 1947 Pictures of Hitler discovered by Gabrielle Flür - 1947 ! (Video for JennieParker87's contest)

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